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Dist Science Fair & Educational Confrence,Workshop.

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The goal of the Academic, Training, Innovation and Research .

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Sahodaya School Complex is a concept literally meaning‘rising together’.

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Chairman Message

Dr. Kedar Chandra Srivastava
Sahodaya School Complex, Dhanbad Chapter
Regional Director

Dear Fellow Principals,

At the onset I would like to thank all Member Principals for reposing their faith in me. As Chairman of CBSE Sahodaya School Complex, Dhanbad Chapter, it is now my own responsibility that the camaraderie and warmth of our own Sahodaya is maintained and that they are able to fulfil our dreams as expressed by my colleagues at the General meeting held on 6th September 2015 in Dhanbad

Members have expressed desire to hold Inter Sahodaya Workshops, Teachers Training Camps and Inter Sahodaya Sports and Competition. All the members have approved the motion to prepare a Directory for our own Sahodaya. 5th February will be celebrated as Dhanbad Sahodaya Day in the honour and memory of our founder Chairman Late Dr. J K Sinha. 6th September every year will be celebrated to pay respect to our Teachers of Member Schools of Sahodaya Dhanbad.

There are a few changes that has been brought in the structure of the Sahodaya with my approval where the Board Members and the Secretariat has been formed for the smooth functioning of the group. This committee shall be in existence for a duration of 2 years followed by a rotation of the Secretariat. It is my earnest desire that we all cooperate with the New Members and collaborate to improve what we are good at, Education for the Children!

The Sahodaya Dhanbad also requires every Principal’s valuable inputs and feedback to improve along with the Membership Fee of Rs. 5000/- annually which should be regularized and disciplined. Our SahodayaWebsite also has been updated, hence it is my earnest appeal to all member schools to check the website regularly for updates.

We are a team of 42 schools in the District and growing. On this note I would like to thank every Member School for their trust and faith in the CBSE Sahodaya Schools concept and at the same time extend a warm welcome to new member schools who have joined our family. I would like to extend my gratitude to Mr. T K Sinha, CBSE City Coordinator and Mr. Zubin Bose CBSE Dy City Coordinator for their dedication and earning a name for us in CBSE Patna region. Their efficiency has also added Jamtara and Dumka Districts under Dhanbad District.
“Come Friends! Let us unite as never before, let us extend our comradeship to fellow Principals and to each and every honourable member, let us be an example of cooperation before other Sahodaya School Complexes across the country and abroad”.

Also please check on the website time to time for latest information.
Dr. Kedar Chandra Srivastava
CBSE Sahodaya Schools Complex, Dhanbad