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Dist Science Fair & Educational Confrence,Workshop.

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The goal of the Academic, Training, Innovation and Research .

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sahodaya School Complex is a concept literally meaning‘rising together’.

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Chairman Message

Mr. N.N.Srivastava
Sahodaya School Complex, Dhanbad Chapter

D.A.V. Public School Koyalanagar,DHANBAD

Dear Fellow Principals,

Self Assessment is only possible through Best Practices.

We at Sahodaya Schools Complex (Dhanbad Chapter) focus on possibilities that can potentially change our life for the better. I strongly believe that education and research are the two most powerful tools to attain our objectives. Inclusion is an important core value which remains under explored. Inclusion of ideas, academic inquiry and innovative ways of application unlocks doors to possibilities. Give the right environment and a seed will grow into a tree of possibilities.

In an effort to collaborate and take advantage of the best practices prevailing in all the schools under Dhanbad district, the ongoing sessions of interaction and in-house training for teachers and principals now act as a beacon of light in ensuring a systematic delivery of content, encouraging healthy feedback on the progress made and most importantly collaboration. There is now an important need to lay emphasis on the need of innovation through exploration focus.

Sahodaya schools complex (Dhanbad Chapter) comprising more than 53schools are really synchronized to provide a structured line of actions to help our students pursue the path which fits them the best.

In today's context, l feel that theory and practice should go together. Let's reaffirm our commitment to the vision. Let's look into our hearts and let's look down into the faces of our children. Give them a vision, values and awaken their hopes. Inspire them, lift them to a higher destiny to shape their life beyond ordinary.

Also please check on the website time to time for latest information.
Mr. N.N.Srivastava
CBSE Sahodaya Schools Complex, Dhanbad