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Sahodaya School Complex is a concept literally meaning‘rising together’.

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Mr. Zubin Bose Vice Chairman and Treasurer
Founder Principal, S G D Modern School, Chirkunda
Deputy CBSE City Coordinator, Dhanbad, Jamtara & Dumka

Dear Fellow Principals,
Sahodaya School Complex, Dhanbad Chapter has successfully graduated to the next level since its establishment in 1986. We have grown in leaps and bounds, achieved a name in the District for the Service that we have been providing to the Education Sector in the district. It is the dedication, hard work and sharing of best practices among the Member Schools for the cause of uplifting standards in education and overall development of a Child. It was a daunting task for all member Principals to reorganize after the sad demise of our Founder Chairman Late Dr. J K Sinha in 2015, but with an able leadership of our Chairman, Dr. K C Srivastava and dedication of the Board Members and fellow Principals of our Sahodaya School Complex, Dhanbad Chapter we have not only carried the torch forward successfully but have also evolved as a group.

Our vision has always been ‘Rising Together’ ‘Sah - Uday’ with all the CBSE affiliated Schools of Dhanbad District where sharing of best practices amongst Member Schools help in increasing the standards of education imparted in our schools. Through a few rigorous regimes, Sahodaya School Complex, Dhanbad Chapter was able to launch its Members Directory, conducted Trainings and Seminars for Teachers, Principals and Students. An initiative that on the Occasion of Teacher’s Day, every 6th September would be celebrated by recognizing our outstanding Teachers by presenting ‘Dhanbad SahodayaTeacher’s Merit Awards’ since 2018. We have hosted two Regional Officers from Patna Region of CBSE to be our Guests and motivate us. Our Sahodaya is sets an example among other Member clusters as an ideal platform for Academic initiatives.

It was decided that an Annual Membership of Rs. 5000/- from each school would be deposited by A/C payee cheques only to the Account of Dhanbad Sahodaya, which needs to be adhered to positively by the 30th September every year. That is an area of concern which the Board members are working on and are hopeful of making up our subscription payments disciplined.

It is an honour for me to be one of the leaders of this dynamic team and extend my thanks to all member Principals for the support.

Our website has been updated with 42 member schools and welcoming more members to be a part of this journey. It is my request to all fellow Principals that they should kindly check our website and inform us about ensure that their School link from the Sahodaya Website is active and dynamic. A Facebook link has been added for Activities and Information to our Website. We have re - structured our Sahodaya Board Members with the Board of Directors forming the core body for mentoring and guidance. The Chairman has constituted an Executive Secretariat with Secretaries heading individual departments and to usher all of us towards a new tomorrow. New Principals taking charge of will motivate all and ensure smooth functioning of this organization. All Bye - Laws and Conventions have been incorporated in a in-house published for all Member Schools and Functionaries. It is an honour for me to be a functionary of this esteemed dynamic team and extend my thanks to all Member Principals for the support.

“Let us all get together and rise as Sahodaya lights the sunrise in the morning, in the field of CBSE Education”

With Best Wishes for an enlightening journey with CBSE Sahodaya School Complex, Dhanbad Chapter.

Mr Zubin Bose